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Clive's Dog

Practitioners of horror fiction and cinema are often the most nonviolent people in real life. As if to underscore the point, horror author and filmaker Clive Barker, himself no stranger to graphic descriptions of death and disembowelment, recently wrote a letter on behalf of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, asking the editors of 100 U.S. newspapers to reposition columns on hunting and fishing, the text of the letter runs as follows:

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and I are asking you and the editors nationwide to put your hunting and fishing columns where they belong: on the obituary pages. For decades, "outdoors" writers with snuff-it-and-stuff-it mentalities have been imposing thier true-life horror stories about bagging bucks and snagging trout on newspaper readers. Considering that the majority of Americans today prefer outdoor sports like tennis, biking, and jogging, editors should have long ago banished columnists who write about killing wildlife to the Stone Age scrap heap. Please, at least put these accounts of animal victim's untimely demises in the proper place-with other death notices.

While acknowledging the somewhat exaggerated hyperbole of Barker's rhetoric, I would like to take the opportunity, on a personal level, to say, "Right on, Clive!"

By Steve Biodrowski
Printed Vol.29 Number 3 Cinefantastique

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