On Sun Nov 26, 1995

Welcomed us to the bizarre world of Clive Barker.
The Web of Lost Souls, was proud to present Clive Barker, renowned author, artist and producer, to world of IRC.

DaVinci: Clive, I was wondering if you are inspired by any given genre of music?
CliveB: DaVinci: I love all kinds of music. Especially movie sound tracks.

KateLaity: What prompted you to use Diamanda Galas on LoI? It was a great idea and I'm thankful for the introduction
CliveB: KateLaity: I've been a great fan of Diamanda's for years. It was an extraordinary honor to have her on the track of LOI.

WoLS: Can we have some questions, slowy to give time for Clive to respond
CliveB: I began writing professionally in my mid-twenties (I'm now 43).

Jaffe: i want to know where clive barker got the name quiddity from. Did you get the term Quiddity from the 13th century philopsper Thomas Aquanas ?
CliveB: Jaffe: Quiddity, as you probably know, simply means essence. Thomas Aquinas uses it in that sense, and I'm using it in the art books to mean a place of Absolute significance. The place, in a sense, where we are most human, most truthful: our dreams.

dougherty: What are your plans for future animated films after "Great & Secret?"
CliveB: Dougherty: The next animated pic is not Great and Secret, it's Thief of Always. No plans for further animation after that as yet

* DeNiro can see this getting out of hand rather quickly...

Raskin: I met you in Miami at the book fair and you mentioned doing a porn novel. Still up for it?
CliveB: Raskin: I love porn. I'm certainly up for writing a piece of erotica sometime soon.

Fletcher: umm whats the latest on the third book of the art??

FlaTLinE: Where did you get the idea for Pinhead and the other cinobites?
CliveB: Flatline: Re: Pinhead. He's a dream image like so many of the creatures and characters in the books and films.

AdriaAndS: CliveB - Are you planning anything else for Harry D'Amour? or THE ART for that matter?
CliveB: AdriasAnds: There will be a third book of the Art to follow Everville sometime in the near future. Meanwhile, I have a collection of plays entitled Incarnations out in the next couple of weeks and a new novel called Sacrament in July.

CliveB: To all: Geez, guys, there's a lot of you out there. Take it slowly, please... raskin: clive: you also mentioned liking cyberpunk and anime. Any chance of you doing something along those lines?
CliveB: Raskin: I love anime and I've got some feelers out to Japanese companies to see if I can hook up with them.

D_Lister: clive: in the production of Theif...what role do you play in creative consulting...as in the art aspect? you have a ?"
CliveB: DLister: The script for Thief is mine but the character design is really in the hands of the artists. Animated pictures take about four years from start to finish.

PIHarris: Why do you think you've attracted such a following, fan clubs, news groups, IRC chat sessions ?
CliveB: PIHarris: Boy, if I knew why my work attracts such a loyal following it would probably make me very self-conscious. The best thing I can do on a day-to-day basis is tell the stories that move me.

TanithX: clive: Do you know the Malvern hills, mentioned in Weaveworld (Uk)
CliveB: TanithX: Sure I know the Malvern Hills. Is it snowing there right now?

Andrew: What are your plans for the opening of LoI in the UK? (I hear rumours of a Director's Cut)
CliveB: andrew: THere is a director's cut of LOI (which is twelve minutes longer) and is appearing here in America on video and laser. I am trying very hard to persuade UIP, who are releasing the movie in England, to release my version -- the director's cut. I hope I'm successful.

Hanan: Clive, in Imajica, you write that there is a 3rd way of lovemaking. How did you come across this idea?
CliveB: Hanan: I'm not sure that it's limited to three! But I got my ideas on lovemaking from the business of... making love!

_aspike: you wrote a childrens book "the thief of Always" are there more to come or was it a one time try?
CliveB: aspike: I am planning a whole series of children's books in the next few years. Childrens literature is a great passion of mine and I would like to continue to write in this area.

dougherty: What are your plans for sequels to Cabal?
CliveB: Dougherty: There will be further stories of the Nightbreed in the next few years. I just haven't had the time of late to write them down (they're certainly in my head!).

CliveB: All: ready for more questions now.

Leviathan: What influences did you have over the creation of the Leviathan/Labyrinth mythos for HR2, and did you think it was handled in the way you envisaged the cenobites?
CliveB: Leviathan: Film is a director's medium, and Tony Randel was the man behind the camera in that particular case. The movie -- Hellraiser 2 -- isn't quite the way I would have imagined it, I have to admit, but that's the nature of the medium.

D_Lister: Clive any thoughts on a Candyman 3? Are there anymore stories to tell about him?
CliveB: Lister: I don't have any more questions to answer about the Candyman after the second picture. I have been approached about a third in the series but so far I've been too busy to give it much serious thought.

Trickster: Clive: do your books emulate your life experiences or do you rely more on imagination?
CliveB: Trickester: My books are a mingling of influences. Some parts of them are certainly derived from experiences I have in the real world. Some parts are pure imagination. In the process of writing, I very often lose track of which part is which.

FXMASTER: "when you write, do you just sit down and write freestyle or do you write with an outline allready made for the novel"
CliveB: FXMaster: I write my novels -- especially the long ones -- with a very detailed outline, which may have taken months to write in front of me. I cannot imagine starting an 800 page book without at least some sense of the territory that lies ahead.

Blinky: Clive, are you disappointed that Hellraiser has turned into a francise? And that the Cenobites and Pinhead in particular have become pale Freddy/Jason Clones? Also have you seen Hellraiser 4 yet, and if you have, your honest opinion?
CliveB: Blinky: I haven't seen the finished Hellraiser 4 yet so I can't make any fully cogent comments about it. I do know it has a lot of Pinhead in it and that Doug Bradley gives -- as far as I can tell -- a first-rate performance. As I say, I'll have to wait to see the finished picture to pass judgment. I do worry, however, that the character of Pinhead is in danger of becoming over-exposed.

Todd: Clive: Was there a reason that the characters of Howie and JoBeth had a remarkably small part in Everville?
CliveB: Todd: The cast of the Art books is large -- and getting larger! Howie and JoBeth, who were such a significant part of Great and Secret Show certainly have a smaller role to play in the sequel but that seemed to be the direction the story wanted to take. Some of the time a writer has to simply trust to his or her instincts, and though I loved the characters of Howie and JoBeth the novel (Everville) had new journeys to take.

Shoggoth: The box in the Hellraiser series seems quite similar to the Shining Trapezohedron of Lovecraft; ever considered writing a full-blown Mythos novel/novella?
CliveB: Shoggoth: I'm a great fan of Lovecraft's work but I feel that it has been creatively explored and expanded by a whole slew of authors. I wouldn't, therefore, contemplate exploring that territory myself.

Amokk: Will we see Howie and Jobeth in the third book of The Art?
CliveB: Amokk: We will certainly see Howie in the third book of the Art. JoBeth, of course, perished in Everville but as you know, death seldom stopped anybody appearing in one of my books.

Barnabas: Mr. Barker, do you plan on continueing the with the Books of Blood Series?
CliveB: Barnabas: There will be more short stories forthcoming in the next couple of years but nothing under the Books of Blood title.

Xney: Everybody: there are a lot of questions, so please be patient in waiting your turn. Thanks :-)

CliveB: All: ready for more questions...

DaVinci: Was there any singular experience you had early in life that shaped your view of there being other existences bordering our own?
CliveB: DaVinci; I have had since my earliest memories the suspicion that our senses do not entirely grasp all that haunts and informs and enlightens our world. In short, I think I've always believed we live -- figuratively speaking -- on the edge of a vast and unfathomable sea of which we see only the first few yards of surf.

Todd: Clive: Any thoughts on the Internet as a communications medium?
CliveB: Todd: What could be more exciting for a creator than to have the experience I'm having now? Nick Owen, the creator of Web of Lost Souls, has made available to us today an extraordinary means of information exchange. By the way, may I take this opportunity (and this is going to be embarrassing, Nick, so you'd better look away) to thank Mr. Owen for his extraordinary efforts on all our behalves. You may not know this, everyone, but the Web of

Opiate: My husband's Q: What do you read and your fav author and when will you be in New Orleans, LA for book signings?
CliveB: Opiate: At present, I am reading a lot of research books for my new novel, Sacrament. If I had to name one author I love above all others it would probably be Herman Melville. Or Edgar Allan Poe. Or Chaucer. Or ... As to the second part of your question, I will be doing a very extensive tour for Sacrament in the early summer which will certainly take me through the bookstores of Los Angeles. I don't know about New Orleans. For some reaso

Amokk: What has the reaction been to Incarnations thus far?
CliveB: amokk: The reaction to Incarnations has so far been wonderful. I am inviting theatre companies to look at the plays in the collection and if they find them of interest, they can write to me and talk about productions. The plays in the collection are all pretty dark!

WoLS: Clive (from my wife), when you use brand names in your books, ie 'Budwiser' do you have to get permission or pay to use that name?
CliveB: Wols: I very seldom use brand names but when I do I never seek permission. I may be wrong about this, but unless you're saying something really terrible about a product I don't think you have to ask anybody.

Amokk: I've heard that Sacrament is an "optimistic" work--how so?
CliveB: Amokk: I think of all my works since The Great and Secret Show as being, loosely speaking, optimistic in the sense that they are about the possibilities that lie before us as a species. But Sacrament is certainly a profoundly optimistic book, looking as it does to the healing of the profoundest hurts that we are doing the planet.

DeNiro: Clive: whoopee, my voice has returned. I just wanted to ask, have you ever been to Tasmania? have you ever HEARD of Tasmania? Any time you're coming down, let me know and you can have dinner at my place!
CliveB: DeNiro: Yes, of course I've heard of Tasmania. And no, I've never been there. Maybe I'll make it one of these days. If I do, let's have a beer!

Bluewolfe: What are some of the book titles that are written in the medievil atmosphere, if any?
CliveB: Bluewolfe: Can you be more specific in your question?
Bluewolfe: Just wondering if you wrote any books in that area
CliveB: Bluewolfe: Understood. There are medieval elements in Sacrament, but it's really the first time I've explored that area.

Keanon: How much inluence/involvement have you had with the Hellraiser Graphic Novels, Jihad in particular, and where did the design for the Box in Hellraiser come from?
CliveB: Keanon: The box design in Hellraiser was a group effort! It was created by myself along with a number of special effects guys in England. As far as the Hellraiser comic books are concerned, I was extremely proud of them. I thought that in some ways they touched the heart of the Hellraiser mythos better than the sequel movies did.

AdriaAndS: Clive: What's your opinion on the clive barker's hellraiser comic books? do you approve or do you think it's taking HELLRAISER too far? p.s. do you ever do signings or appearances in Montreal canada?
CliveB: I had a modest amount of influence with the Hellraiser graphic novels but my approach to that kind of work is that people are best left to create with minimum interference. I've never been invited to sign in Montreal but Harper Collins Canada might be persuaded to set something up.

Addict: Clive: Are you planning on makeing any kind of computer game out of your stories?. And thanks for keeping me awake ;)
CliveB: Addict: Yes. My partner, Malcolm Smith and I are working with the Dreamers Guild and Virgin Games on a project now called Ectosphere which we all hope will be a groundbreaking computer game.

arian: Clive: Lord of Illusions was a huge revelation to me in more ways than one. How do you feel, knowing the great impact you make on people's lives, how you change the way they see the worlds and themselves?
CliveB: Arian: There are few words to express how moved I am to feel my ideas and images and stories and philosophies touch people. It's what makes getting up in the morning and going to my desk such a pleasure.

HansR: Clive: Hello my friend! Can you tell us something about the Everything?
CliveB: HansR: The Everything is a book to come... That's all I'm tellin'!!

spijkers: one chance so:what did you do to get noticed,published,and could you write a story of epical galactic proportions,with all the different realities and planets combined in one major storyline,and will you visit storyline,and will you visit The Netherlands soon?
CliveB: spijkers: To get noticed? I wrote some very weird stories! The closest I've got so far to writing the kind of book you describe is Imajica but I do have even more ambitious visions stewing in my skull. Yes, I think I will be in the Netherlands sometime next year perhaps for a signing. I don't know when yet.

Alexa: There is a great difference between the character Phillip Swan in the film and the short story . How do you account for such a change and how closely did you associate with the character. The film made the character seem very personal.
CliveB: Alexa: Can you be more specific about the character's seeming personal to you? I'd like answer your question as accurately as possible.

Addict: Are there any plans to turn any of the stories in "In the flesh into theater producions?
CliveB: Addict: There are plans, I believe, to turn more of my tales into theatre pieces in Chicago much as In the Flesh and Son of Celluloid were transformed.

Alexa: The character seemed to be a personal statement maybe as to how you see yourself or how you wer feeling when you wrote the film version. How close is this character's feelings and emotions to your own?
CliveB: Alexa: Thank you. I like the character of Swann in the movie a good deal. He seems troubled and conflicted and haunted... we all know how that feels! As to why I changed the character, it's really a function of the story I'm trying to tell. The Last Illusion (the story upon which Lord of Illusions is based) is just the jumping off place for a very different kind of experience: the cinematic kind.

dougherty: Would you say 'coming out' has affected the way the film and publishing industry deals with you? Have you had any negative reactions?
CliveB: Dougherty: I'm pleased to say I've so far had no negative responses to my "coming out". I should add that I think the readers of my work are by and large an articulate, compassionate (and intelligent!) bunch of so I would have been surprised to hear negativity from such a quarter. It's always difficult to judge whether your reputation in the eyes of your business associates has been influenced but it's certainly not stopped the offers coming in!

DrCasey: Hi Clive! First let me thank you for all of your entertainment to date. I would like to know when we will see Thief of Always hit the big screen and if there will ever be any more Books of Blood int he future?
CliveB: DrCasey: Thief of Always will not be hitting the big screen for another two years. Animation is a slow, slow business. But it'll be worth the wait.

Celesti: Hello Clive! First, thanks for being here! A comment and a question: Pinhead is one of my most favorite horror characters of all time. I would like to know what other horror directors may have influenced you? Do u think u might be on the east coast in the near future?
CliveB: Celesti: I'm delighted Pinhead does the job for you! Horror directors? Cronenberg, James Whale, Jack Arnold... I'll be signing on the East Coast for Sacrament sometime in the early summer of next year.

KateLaity: 2things: I love your drawing/painting. Any plans for CB:Illus. 3? and what have you got agains Old Norse?! (I'm a medievalist)
CliveB: KateLaity: I've got nothing against Old Norse. I think he's a lovely fellow! Joking aside, there will be further books of paintings. Morpheus publishing, who do those extraordinary Giger books, will be producing them.

Harvester: Clive, I have heard many different names for the type of fiction you write.How would you describe it?
CliveB: Harvester: Great question. I tell you what I DON'T call it. I don't call it horror fiction! I think I write, quite simply, a fiction of the imagination. Does that do the job? onethumb: Clive: perhaps dark fantasy ?
Harvester: Very much so. Thanks.
onethumb: Clive: but yes, fiction of the imagination works well. :)

CliveB: All: we're coming to the end of our hour, folks. I will finish up the last three questions, then see you again in a month or so here on the IRC.

CliveB: Check with the Web of Lost Souls for a date and time.
WoLS: I would like to thank Clive on behalf of everyone tonight for coming along and chatting with us. For more information check out WoLS (http://www.barkerverse.com). Thanks again Clive.
Xney: Clive: thanks for stopping by :-) * onethumb gives Clive a big round of applause.
WoLS: Thank you all for coming along. I would again like to thank Clive and everyone for helping out. See you all on IRC in a month or so. Nick
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Xney: When Clive leaves, we'll unmoderate the channel
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WoLS: Clive, you have now experienced IRC, what do you think?
onethumb: uh-oh, Clive has experienced IRC. he might become addicts like Xney, Harvester and I.
onethumb: :)
CliveB: All: I've had great fun. Let's do it again soon everybody. Sweet dreams. Clive, signing off.
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Keanon> http://cctr.umkc.edu/user/kliggatt/index.html

faust666> Nexus-6: http://www.hooked.net/users/faust666

Nexus-6> thanks faust, i'll check it out

Rab> Oh no! We're exchanging URLs!

faust666> thanks :)

Addict> hehe Only with a touch of cranberry sauce...holidays ya know...

WoLS> Web of Lost Souls, the 'official' Clive Barker site is at http://www.barkerverse.com/ CHECK IT OUT SOON

Rab> addict: well of course...

Opiate> Moderators & WoLS, and Celesti, thanks for making this one of the best days of my life :) onethumb> a fred is down! I repeat, mayday, a fred is down!

Rab> and if you want you can go to http://www.calweb.com/~sasha and link to WoLS from *MY* page.. heh

onethumb> fred is just cool. :)

Alexa> yes he is

Harvester> Fred is cool. I had dinner with him last night.

WoLS> OKay all, nite nite, enjoy and check out WoLS for the next time Clive will be on, this is the only place for the right info

Trickster> thanxs WOLS

Alexa> bye bey wols

Xney> alexa: well, something has to be done

DeNiro> I love the web site, btw.

Addict> Night WoLS!

Rab> Xney: That makes good sense... though some may not like it 'cos it's not "personal" enough.. I wouldn't have a problem with it, though...

Xney> the next time is bound to be more popular


Xney> the web site is cool

Rab> Hmm.. now we need the "I was at Clive's First IRC Chat" T shirts hehe

Harvester> Not really that bad comparatively

Xney> rab: Hey, I'd buy one :)

Celesti> Rab: I agree!

Xney> ot: we'll let WoLS decide or whatever, or fred

WoLS> Xney: there is no need to duplicate the site, it will not be done

Addict> NOD!!!!

Rab> hehe Hmm...

Alexa> I would like that Wols that is very gracious of you

Barnabas> Totally KEWL DUDE!!!

DeNiro> wow, do I get credit for that idea?

DeNiro> :-)

Rab> WoLS: That sounds great! :)

WoLS> Celesti: nite nite

Celesti> :) Thanks WoLS .. Take Care !

Barnabas> So where was Clive joining us from? US or UK?

Addict> US

Xney> barnabas: LA

Rab> Ooo.. LA.. only, um, nevermind.. I'm not that pathetic.. eheh

Barnabas> kewl i'll be on the next flight!

Niffer> you wish

Addict> Oh great, A Stocker in our midsts.

Rab> LA is a pretty big place... ;)

Barnabas> i am not a stocker...i don't work at a grocery store

Rab> Rik: Well, I only caught the last half... My good friend addict stole my question.. ;) Clive's working on a computer game.. :)

Pinhead> Clive worked on a game with my old company once....

Barnabas> see ya all next time...same clive time same clive channel

Last Updated 2/15/98