April 1997

Lost Souls: First question. Are you ever going to, or plan to, adopt children??
Clive: No thanks!
Lost Souls: For those that don't already know, you had a short cameo in the movie "Sleepwalkers". What was your motivation to accepting that part?
Clive: Mick Garris, the director, originally asked if I would do the part, but it was more the idea of being onscreen with Steve (King) that made me want to do it. We had a blast and I gave the money to charity.
Lost Souls: Could you explain the individual symbols found on the medallion in The Great and Secret Show? Do you have the medallion anywhere within the Clive Barker art gallery?
Clive: The concept behind the individual symbols found on the medallion in The Great and Secret Show will appear in the 3rd Book of the Art. Each one does have a specific meaning, but you'll have to wait to find out. I don't have the artwork for the medallion, but a fan once gave me a beautiful metal medallion that I keep.
Lost Souls: A fan has asked if you could detail your link between dreams and writing?
Clive: As you probably know, I keep a Dream Journal beside my bed so I can record the images and ideas that my sub-conscious conjures. Right now it is constantly being filled with the ideas for Galilee as well as ideas for future projects. It is a way to go straight to the powerful images that the sub-conscious contains.
Lost Souls: Have you gotten up the nerve to get that tattoo yet??
Clive: No, maybe this summer, but it will go where very few people will see!
Lost Souls: It's time for the standard question. What's new in the World of Clive Barker?
Clive: As of now, the Weaveworld / Showtime movie is still in the developmental stages. We still don't have any news to report yet, keep holding on! The Thief of Always has just been set up at Universal with Bernard Rose attached to direct and myself along with Lisa Hensen to produce. The A-Z of Horror will be on shelves in April with the television special to air on A&E (no date yet). Galilee has a tentative release date of Spring '98. It will be about 650 pages. The art exhibition 'One Flesh' opens to the public on April 7th at the La Luz de Jesus gallery in Silverlake, CA. As far as Fox goes, the first thing to mention is Quicksilver Highway. This film, directed by Mick Garris, is done shooting and the post-production will now begin. As we talked about before, it's a movie adapted from The Body Politic by me and Chattery Teeth by Steve (King). It's not two separate stories, but one that was adapted from both of these stories. The lead character, Quicksilver, will be acted by Christopher Lloyd, and I do have a cameo in this film as well. Quicksilver Highway was originally scheduled to air in late May but there is talk that it may be moved back to October to be released around another project that we are working on. We have the script for this MOW (Movie of the Week) called "Silo" and it is being worked on right now. Production will start sometime in June for a Halloween air date. Three months after that we will air the second MOW called "Shock Cinema" and three months after that we will air the third which is called "Hoop Hell". Also on the TV front, we have a series called "Retribution" that is being considered for a mid-season replacement on Fox.
Lost Souls: What can people attending DragonCon/CliveCon expect? Why should they attend?
Clive: People attending DragonCon/CliveCon can expect a much more personal exchange than you get at the big conventions. We will have a chance to have intimate talks on Art, the imagination, writing, etc. Hopefully people who want to pursue these areas in their own life will have a chance to ask more specific questions.
**** As a footnote to this interview, Clive has graciously allowed us to build an online gallery for his upcoming "One Flesh" exhibition.

Also, coming in about two to four months is the Lost Souls / Clive Barker online art gallery. This gallery will feature past and present artwork, posted online for all the users of the Internet. Since the closing of the Bess Cutler Gallery, Clive has been without a permanent home for his artwork and we are glad to be bringing it back to all of you! Look for this new exciting home for the wonderful images created by Clive Barker.